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Scaffolding hire Newcastle

Looking to do some work at a height? Our scaffolders and Scaffold towers provider a save alternative to ladders. Our Scaffolding Hire Newcastle rates and delivery chargers are some of the best in the construction industry.  

Have you ever thought what you may look like as a caveman? How do I go about to hire a scaffolder in the prehistoric ages? It has been known that Scaffolding dates back to the prehistoric times due to holes that still exist in the walls of the Palaeolithic caves at Lascaux in South-Western France. They were used for staging to enable the primitive occupants to paint their famous wall paintings over 17,000 years ago.


Process of Scaffolding Hire in Newcastle:


Before you start hire process of getting a scaffolder, either for erecting it or working at heights, it is important to consider the following:

  • Consider what work tasks will be performed, anticipated loads for people, materials, and equipment, any unique building configurations which may create a problem, and electrical or piping obstructions which are in the area.
  • Will the scaffolding be set up on a concrete foundation, pavement/asphalt, or earth? If set up on earth, what class of soil is present and is the area level? Are there weather conditions to consider?
  • The height of the scaffolding and secure building structure designed by a qualified person
  • Building accesses must be maintained and overhead protection may be required.
  • When all these process of scaffolding are considered you can be confident that your scaffolding assembly will be both safe and efficient.