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Heritage Scaffolding Newcastle

The North East of England is resplendent with historical sites and as a result Marine Scaffolding has been privileged to have been involved with the renovation and upkeep of many of these sites; for example, Netherwhitton Hall, nr Morpeth


Due to the delicate nature of these buildings, they often present us with some of the most difficult challenges we’ve had to overcome and require consultation with structural engineers.


Why choose our heritage scaffolding services?


  • Personal service designed around your needs full drawings provided for full project management
  • Full design to completion service
  • Strong Health and Safety culture
  • Fully trained and experienced staff with on-site management
  • Years of experience at complex structures
  • Highest quality materials and maintenance 
  • Fully guaranteed and insured
  • We help build your reputation

Scaffolding for Listed Heritage Buildings:


Well, basically, when dealing with scaffolding for listed heritage buildings the main thing to ensure is that extreme care and attention is taken when working in and around these types of buildings, particularly with how we anchor or support the scaffolding hire. We often use buttress bays to produce a self-standing scaffold or will work out an approved system of tying through windows. If this is not possible then special permission needs to be granted to anchor into the brickwork. The architect will often propose areas that would not affect the aesthetics or integrity of the building. They may for instance suggest the tops of windowsills that are not visible from street level with an anchor system that can be permanently installed that will not corrode or collect water for future maintenance work.


Scaffolding Materials When Working On Heritage Buildings

The selection of materials is also important, just simple things like using new sole boards for instance. New sole boards can leach and stain the sandstone, we always use weathered sole boards on these projects and only galvanized steel or aluminum tube to eliminate the chance of paint or rust stains. All designs need to be passed by a heritage architect prior to install and any other works that your client may find (unforeseen works) that require extra scaffold or a modification to the existing scaffold all must be submitted and approved.